Starting a Web Hosting Reseller Business: Detailed Guide

Web hosting resale can prove to be quite a lucrative and prosperous business. In the simplest words, web hosting resale involves re-renting the web hosting resources that you have already leased or rented from a particular reseller web hosting provider. Not all web hosting providers allow you to do this, so you will specifically have to look for a reseller web hosting company to become a web hosting reseller.

If you are serious about establishing a web hosting resale business, then there is a lot you will have to keep in mind and take into consideration.

What Will You Be Doing As A Web Hosting Reseller?

If you are still not sure, web hosting resale will involve signing up with the right reseller web hosting company and paying them the monthly fee that they charge for a large-enough web hosting package. You will then divide that hosting package into several portions and rent them off individually, charging your customers a higher price to earn some profit.

You will receive “backend” service from your reseller web hosting provider, but they will not be in contact with your end customers. You will then rebrand the web hosting service you will offer your customers and will rent the available web hosting resources, namely the server hardware.

Steps involved in establishing a web hosting resale business will include the following.

Choosing The Right Reseller Web Hosting Company

While your customers may not be in contact with your reseller web hosting company, the service you will offer them will depend on the web hosting company and package you select. Along with being reliable and reputable, they should also be offering adequate and appropriate technical support options, including 24/7 customer support via chat, email, and telephone. Make sure you also find out whether the company has their own in-house technical support staff; otherwise you will have to look for an outside contractor for support.

Branding & Marketing The Web Hosting Resale Business

Depending on the reseller hosting plan you choose, you might have control over the control panel of their customer’s hosting accounts. For branding and marketing, you should get a logo created for your company, which will add a professional touch. With some reseller hosting plans, you may even receive some free advertising credits that you can use to promote your business online and on social media.

Signing Up For A Payment Processing Solution

If you aspire to become a hosting reseller, you will need both a bank merchant account and an Internet-based payment processor. To choose the right one, you will have to compare the costs and features of a few. The payment processing solution you opt for should be able to process credit cards from various brands, and since you will likely have monthly subscribers, they should also support recurring customer billing.

Tips To Make Money While Reselling Web Hosting

Along with re-renting web hosting resources that you have rented from a reseller web host, there are several other ways you can generate more income at the same time.

Creating A Web Hosting Blog: You may build your own blog revolving around web hosting to promote your business, and even use affiliate links for the same purpose. You may even monetize your blog and offer useful web hosting-related tips that your readers and prospective customers would find helpful.

Offering Membership: You may create a website where you sell membership to those who require training on how to start a blog or website online, and how to host it. As a part of the membership, you could also sell them your own web hosting service, perhaps at a slightly discount.

Selling Websites: You may also make small, instant profit by creating simple websites on popular domain names and putting them up for sale. Those who do not have a lot of experience building websites or want a pre-designed website will be quite interested in buying. You will still earn a profit even if they do not sign up for the hosting package that you will also offer them.


Thus, web hosting resale can prove to be quite a worthwhile business opportunity if it is executed properly. As you may have realized, there are more than one way to generate income if you get started. Some reseller web hosting providers even offer several discounts that end up adding up. So, it all comes down to choosing the right reseller web host and establishing a successful web hosting resale business.

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