Questions to Ask When Choosing a Reseller Hosting Service

Reseller web hosting, as its name suggests, refers to web hosting in which the allotted server resources can be resold to host third-party websites. Unlike establishing a web hosting company from scratch, you do not need to have comprehensive technical knowledge of infrastructure to get into reseller web hosting. In fact, both the network and the server will be maintained by the data center operator. If you decide to be a reseller, you will simply have to interact with customers, serving as a liaison between them and the web hosting provider.

Since signing up with a reseller web hosting provider is more of a business prospect rather than just getting your own website hosted, you should be even more careful. If you are searching for a reseller web hosting provider, you should consider the following.

What Are Their Bandwidth Limitations?

Different reseller web hosting providers will have different bandwidth limitations. You never know how many visitors a third party website might have each month and the web host will charge you extra for additional traffic, which you do not want. Alternatively, you may sign up with a reseller web hosting provider that is offering unlimited bandwidth or has no bandwidth limitations, although many of them do have a “normal website usage” limit.

How Scalable Is It?

The web hosting service that is being offered by a reseller web host should also be scalable enough to suit your plans. The web hosting service may seem ideal at first, but in a few years or so, the web hosting demands and needs of the customers are likely to increase, so you should keep that in mind as well. Your web hosting resale business will grow and expand in the future, so your reseller web hosting provider should be able to accommodate it.

What Are Their Technical Specifications & Support Like?

The reseller web hosting provider you choose should depend on how many third party websites you will be hosting, how much media content and videos they contain, and how much traffic they are expected to have each month. This means that the server that will be hosting those websites should have the necessary technical specifications, such as adequate disk space, processing power, RAM, etc. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about the websites going down or loading slowly.

The reseller web hosting provider being considered should also be reputable enough as far as their technical support is concerned. They should be operational 24/7, and they should offer toll-free technical assistance via chat, email, telephone, etc., which is preferably not outsourced. They should also have a prompt response time.

What Kind Of Management Panel Are They Offering?

The reseller web hosting company you select will also depend on how many features and what kind of features are a part of the control panel they offer. The control panel should be easy and convenient for you to buy, manage and renew a myriad of services. A good example would be cPanel combined with Fantastico script installer, so web applications are automatically installed onto a website.

How Costly Is It?

Even when choosing a reseller web hosting provider, the price should never be the determining factor. However, once you have studied all of the above and more, you will eventually have to consider the pricing of their various hosting packages. The package you sign up for should offer a balance of cost-effectiveness and necessary features, so that you may earn a profit and satisfy the customers as well.


Becoming a web hosting reseller can prove to be a worthwhile business venture, but keep in mind that your business will rely on the reseller web hosting provider you choose. So, make sure you consider all of the above tips to avoid making the wrong choice.

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