Look for these eCommerce Hosting Features

Knowing what you need is the first step that leads to success. With lots of eCommerce web hosting providers wanting your business, you are spoiled for choice. This is a good thing because competition brings out the best in people. The need to get and hold on to your business would always prompt the eCommerce web hosts to give their best. Armed with what you want, you can now pick out the best choice available. These then are some eCommerce hosting features to look for:


This is the first expectation you get from shoppers who visit your eCommerce store. Lots of them would expect your website to load in quick time. It takes quite a lot to optimize a website. After all the hard work, it would be a shame for a shopper to get to your website only to abandon it without having even as much as a glimpse of what you have in store. That is bye-bye to a lost sale. To avoid such situations, you must choose an eCommerce web host that provides fast speed at all times for loading your website.


No matter how good the thing is, it is bound to break down sometime. As popular as this cliche sounds, when something goes wrong with your eCommerce store, you do not wait around to repeat the words to your customers. What you need is a support team that is available around the clock to fix whatever issue it is. You need a team which can be gotten on phone, email, or through live chat. If you can, do have a chat with the support team to get a feel of how they attend to people before signing up with them. Another tip is to see what their rating is like on BBB.


You have to know how much storage you would get from your web host. With the option of unlimited storage being available, you should not go for anything less than that. Your eCommerce store would most likely have a lot of pictures to make sales quicker. If you sell gowns for instance, what is the point of posting “blue ball gowns for sale” when you can display a live picture of the blue ball gown? Graphics would definitely take up a lot of space, so your reply to a web host that offers you a limited storage space is a capital NO.

Domain Name

The web address which is used to access your site is your domain name. The strategy is to have all the possible domain names you can. It goes like this; there is a dot com; dot org; and dot net as instances. Not everyone would type in the dot com when searching for your site; they may use a dot org instead. If you have gotten all the available dots to go with your name, anyone who types in a www.you.net instead of a www.you.com would be redirected to www.you.com. This way; your customers would never get lost in the crowd.


eCommerce stores are built to receive payments. This makes the need for security features like an SSL Certificate necessary. Customers who see it on your site would have the confidence to fill out their credit card information. Fending hackers off from stealing confidential information makes your site more secure.

These eCommerce hosting features to look for would guide you well as you explore the various options you have at your disposal.

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