Which Is Better Between Linux and Windows Web Hosting?

The debate over using a Linux or Windows format when it comes to web hosting does not seem like it would end anytime soon. As soon as you decide to get a hosting account, asking you which option you want between both hosting types is probably the next thing you hear. The good news is, there is not much that stands between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Regardless of the format you choose, they would both work well on any PC. They also have the ability to power great websites. The concerns people have are based on:

1. Their Computer’s Operating System

For people who use computers that use a Windows Operating System, the typical fear they have is if a Linux format hosting would work for them. The tendency is to believe that since their computers use a Windows Operating System, then it should be compatible only with a Windows Hosting. This isn’t true. The truth is that a Linux Hosting works as well as a Windows Hosting.

2. Pricing

It is no surprise to find that price is one of the major concerns which people have when faced with choosing between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Since both hosting formats are said to offer just about the same level of proficiency, it makes common sense to go for one that costs less. Linux Web Hosting Providers are able to lower their prices because they do not pay licensing fees when they use Linux Servers. This is where they edge Windows Web Hosting Providers.

3. Site Building

Sites are built in different ways, and when it comes to choosing between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting, this factor is of great importance. There are different development tools used for building sites such as WordPress, Dreamweaver, ASP, ASP.NET, My SQL, and a whole lot more. Although some of the website building tools can work with either of Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting, there are some of them which work specifically with one and not the other. For example, a web developer who uses ASP.NET to build a website must definitely use Windows Hosting for it. On the other hand, a blog which is built with WordPress would find that Linux offers the best hosting solutions. Knowing the format you want to use in the building of a site would influence the choice of a development tool.

4. Server Security

There is a wrong impression which people have on the server security of Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. The impression is that a Linux Server is more secure than a Windows Server. This cannot be further from the truth since server security depends on the set up of the server more than anything else.

When it boils down to choosing between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting, the popular choice is Linux because it has most of the features which web developers want. Though both formats differ in the case sensitivity of their file names and the type of control panels they use, there is little to choose between both formats.

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