Best Website Builder Services List for 2017

It is quite common now to build a website without having any knowledge of IT. This is because the best website builder services keep making website building easy by providing tools which allow for websites to be built without requiring any form of manual code editing. The actions of these web hosting companies have led to the launch of numerous private sites. For 2017, the following website builders have made it possible for people to save some money and time by building their private and powerful websites themselves. Some of them are:

Founded in 2006, Wix has been used by over 90 million people to build their websites. Like every great website builder service, they afford people with no technical skills the opportunity to build sites. In a few minutes, you can build a site using their simple, drag and drop interface. Users have an option of a free account. With hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from, users can design powerful websites at no cost. With their new Artificial Design Intelligence feature, creating a website from scratch takes only a few minutes. One of the highlights of Wix is the ample add-ons it has which allows for third party integrations.

You do not need to pay any setup fee or have to commit to Web for a long term relationship before you can take advantage of their great do it for me options to build a website. You are therefore saved a lot of time and stress. You are really spoiled for choice with the availability of over 2,500 design templates to choose from. The do it for me feature is really robust and gives you the freedom to build your site the way you desire without having to do much.

A few things makes this website builder great and worthy enough to be listed among the best for 2017. They have thousands of customizable templates which users can choose from. They go ahead to offer users SEO tips because they know that optimizing a website is one of the vital aspects of owning a site. There is also a functionality for eCommerce which means you can design your website to be an eCommerce store. If it is blogging that you prefer, eHost provides blog tools too. With eHost, it is more a question of what you want your site to be rather than what options are available. All these features come with their hosting and a free domain name.

4. SITE123
If you only have a little time to build a website or maintain it, this website builder is the right fit for you. You do not need to have experience with coding to build a beautiful site. You can add unlimited pages to the free domain which they offer. An option for eCommerce integration is provided with built-in SEO tools to help you optimize your site.

These website builders made the 2017 list as a result of their dedication to simplifying the entire process of building a website with no coding experience.

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