Best Web Hosting for eCommerce Website List

As Online Merchants, eCommerce store owners are always on the lookout for features that offers a great service at the most competitive rate. The best web hosting for eCommerce websites provide Online Merchants with wonderful eCommerce solutions that improve their businesses. They also fulfill one critical function required by online store owners which are the provision of a comprehensive technical support. The list of best web hosting for eCommerce website includes:

1. InMotion Hosting

With 15 available hosting plans, an eCommerce store owner gets the option to choose the best plan that works for his or her business. With over 430,000 domains being hosted by them, InMotion Hosting offers its customers an experience that is both secure and reliable. Since 2001 when they were established, InMotion has always relied on using the latest technology to provide faster speeds. This helps with the loading times of eCommerce stores which they host. They also offer automated backups for free so their customers can go to bed with a peace of mind. Most importantly, they do have a great support team.

2. Hub

This web host is home to over 59,000 domains. Each of their three hosting plans includes Softaculous, a great Auto Installer that offers 900 PHP classes, 262 great scripts, and counting. It makes the installation of over 200 popular web applications simple with just the click of a button. Their web hosting service is affordable and comes with an exceptional package of a great support team with excellent customer service and technical support. There’s no limit to the number of pages you can build with their Premium web builder, and the best part is this web builder is free.

3. GreenGeeks

With over 59,000 domains registered with them, GreenGeeks offers its users 11 hosting plans. They are best known for pioneering the hosting technology of green-based server. Founded since 2006, this web host is highly inclined towards eco-friendliness. They are known to invest as much as three times the power they consume back into the power grid. They also have an excellent pricing scheme and do provide a reliable hosting. Users have commended their support team for their professionalism without making them feel out of place with their lack of technical expertise. One of their features which make them stand out from other web hosts is their 30-day money back guarantee.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround hosts over 420,000 domains and offers 11 hosting plans. Their innovative and secure solutions are designed for hosting small to mid-sized websites. They offer a consistently strong customer service and technical support which can be relied on. This is evident in their users’ testimonies that they are known to have assisted in services which they do not even offer. This is taking customer service to a whole new level. They have a great caching system which they integrated with WordPress.

eCommerce is all about sales and these web hosts are providing meaningful solutions to enable their users to maximize sales through the features offered in their various hosting plans. They make use of technology to provide friendly storefronts, enhanced security and SEO tools to make life better for their users.

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